Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching up!

June has been a very busy but exciting month for me. I recently graduated from Portland State university with a degree in Social Sciences. I'm am now looking to pursue a job in paralegal.
Right after graduating, I went to Vegas with my mom and aunt! I had so much fun. Love me some blackjack;). The amount of time I spent laying out by the pool, I could have ran 2 marathons per day!!!!;). Ha!.

I recently got to attend the Olympic trials in Eugene! Eva, Aaron and I did a workout on Pre's trail. It has become one of my fav's now. It's 2 mins on (about 5k pace or faster) then 1 min easy, 1 min on then 30 sec easy then 30 secs on, then 1 min easy. Then you you do the whole cycle over again up to 6 miles of it.
During the trials the weather was horrible. I felt so bad for the athletes. Our seats were in the open section; where we just got drenched. We were up at the very top of the bleachers and I was sitting at the end. I had my phone in my jacket pocket and the next thing I hear is click, klonk, click, Klonk, klonk, klonk, klonk.... My first reaction was s*%#! My phone broke and I probably wouldn't see it ever again. I went to a staff member on sight, and bless his heart he went and looked for it... And found it alive! I swear that phone has nine lives;).

So, I am still trying to break 18 in the 5k! On the fourth of July I recently did a 5k and got a 17:43! But the course was short:). So technically I haven't broken it yet.. but I will soon!

I have had some of the best speed workouts lately. I just haven't been able to put it together in the race.
I am carrying around some extra weight; as rick likes to say "extra back packs"! I have dropped my mileage quit a bit in the past month or so, and I've been consuming so much sugar and junk;(!!!.. This has been really hard for me. I'm going to try the Usana restart kit! This is supposed to help you burn fat and not carbs! For more information about this product my friend Nicole Wagner sums it up pretty well, and you can find it on her blog!

Yesterday I got to run with one of my favorite runners Amanda Rice! Words can't describe how amazingly talented this girl is. She qualified for the "A" standard for the Olympic marathon trials. In one year she went from a 2:50 to a 2:37 marathon! she also holds a 1:14 in the half marathon! She took 50th place of of 200 or more runners at the trials. This is without much training before either! She is in the navy and works as a dentist; barely gets enough time to sleep. We did 17 miles; for us both it was the longest run we have done in awhile. We pretty much ran at conversational pace but mile 15, I was feeling it and had to slow down. Amanda went ahead and then came back for our last mile! It was nice to have someone to run with on a long run;)!!.

Monday, June 11, 2012

(Post) PTF!

Well I didn't break 18! I didn't even finish the race. I can come up with a bunch of excuses and some might have been a factor, but the bottom line, it just wasn't my day...

On some positive notes; I had a awesome warmup and could of broke 18 in all the strides I did;) Eva Vail won the race with a 17:24! (I think). She was trying to break 17, and would have if she had someone to chase. Carre, bless her heart, chose to pace me. This was a great opportunity for me to break my 18! She was awesome! She was giving me guidance lap by lap talking to me the whole time; trying to get my butt moving. I stopped at the two mile mark; probably could have made it one more lap if I wasn't pretending that I could keep a conversational pace with carre. I don't care what that girl says.. She's in shape!!!;). If it wasn't for me her and Eva would have been head to head for first and second. I was truely appreciated that she stayed and paced me. I just wished I had a better day.

I got to watch a few races after words. I saw the ending of the high school girls trying to break the state record ( I think) in the 4x mile relay and they did! Really cool.

In the girls 10k, 4 girls qualified for the Olympic trials A standard. That was really neat.

I really wanted to stay and watch the guys 10k but it was so cold and carre took the blanket.. Lol jk.

Anyways, going to keep trying and break that 18!

Monday, June 4, 2012

(Pre) Portland Track Festival...

This upcoming Friday I will be running the 5k at PTF! I am so hoping to finally break 18 minutes. My training says that I can. Lets just hope I put it together in the race:).

I have been very lucky to have a couple of training partners that are faster than me to push me in my workouts and give me some guidance, as well as my coach who is almost at every track practice. I appreciate it so much. Last Tuesday we did 10x 500's with 1 minute recoveries. This workout has now landed on my favorite top 5 workouts to do. Rick wanted me at 85's for the 500's. Carre started with me for the first couple to get me on pace, she hadn't planned on doing the workout because she had just raced the mile the day before in 5:12 I think! She has not been back very long after taking quit a break but seems to be getting in shape super quick! She just ran the twilight star parade run at a little faster then tempo and won it! After Carre left us I was left to chase Eva who is beyond fast! I was quit pleased with my self because I picked up my pace to 82's. Only 2 seconds behind her. Grant it I was working much hard then her..haha. She will also be running at PTF this Friday trying to break 17! I will be shocked if she doesn't. She is incredible shape. Eva and I did 300-200-100 sprint after. I really enjoy doing sprints after a workout because I feel like it tests your strength, endurance and limits of an already tired body.

I had quit a high mileage week. I incorporated two long runs due to scheduling issues. I did a 18 mile easy run on Monday and a 15 mile run with embedded tempo yesterday. I was very pleased with myself on yesterdays run, I was able to hold about 6:20s on a hilly and incline path; because on Friday I had yet another tough workout. I did 5 x1 mile repeats at tempo pace which I was able to average about an 6:04 pace. Originally Rick and I planned on me doing 6x 1 mile repeats. I decided to drop one on the repeats and add 3x 200's,3x400's and another set of 3x200's. I was so pleased to have ran a 78 for a 400! the rest were 80's. My very last 200 was a 36! This just gives me more confidence going into Fridays race.

I think I'm as prepared as I can be going into PTF. Now I just have to be smart and not doing anything Beckish:)!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boo hips... Yay for speed!

So while so many of you are saving for retirement, I'm starting to save for hip replacements! Ha... Today I was back at the doctor again battling a chronic siatica/ hamstring issue I have had since the end of 2009. I have horribly weaken glutes. So, other parts of my body compensate for the weakness and I end up injuring other parts of my body. My obliques are suffering from it. I had them worked on today, graston and everything, it was so painful I wanted to cry. I think why am I doing this to my body... And then I go to practice and have an awesome workout with ( carre Joyce hennick)! Last week I was suppossed to do 10x1000's at (87s) and I was finding it difficult to maintain (88s), frustrating that is, i could only do 6 and I called it quits, it's very hard for me to not finish a full workout because I think of it as failing, But I try to remind myself and listen to Rick that it's best to quit if your tired or your losing pace because your more likely to hurt yourself if you push through it, or it's doing nothing to benefit yourself if your off pace and that rest is good;).... Today I did 8x1200's at (86-87) pace and felt great!..and that's when it hits me, I love getting faster, pushing myself through workouts and feeling stronger. Thats why i do this! The good thing about my dr I always feel better when I leave there.
So from now on I am absolutely going to be religious about my glute excercises and stretching! So this injury will go away once and for all!!!!

On a very big side note... My dear friend Nicole Wagner who has been injured for about 2 months due to a stress fracture in her leg, is back!!! Her dr released her to run and she said it felt great and no pain!!!.. Yay!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5k PR., higher mileage, learning to breathe...

I ran the 5 k at Linfield twilight invitational. There were about 6 girls in our heat. At the start we all stayed together in 1 pack for the first mile. Then 1 girl took off ending with a 17 minute 5k.. ( amazing) I almost got lapped;). The other girl ahead of me wasn't much farther, I just wouldn't catch her, again afraid of feeling the pain. Although i definitely improved racing tactics, since my last race. I seeded myself at an 18:45 but honestly did not think I would break 18:30. I was happy with myself.

I am so very hard trying to retrain myself to breathe normally when I run. I'm a chest breather which isn't helping my performance. When I run I breathe like I swim, I have a closed mouth and breath every 3-5s. It's tough breaking this habit but hopefully will improve my running. I hope I can per-fect this quickly!

Last week I got in two long runs. Due to schedule issues. I ran 20 miles last Saturday which is the most I've done all year;). My total milliage this week was supposed to add up to about 90 mile but, I ended up drinking to much liquids on Saturday neither that helped with electrolytes or hydration!.. So I ended up taking the afternoon off from running because of being dehydrated;/>... I got a rest day before my long run the next evening I ran18, it was supposed to be easy then 8-10 at half marathon to marathon pace. I only ended up doing 6 miles of this pace (6:30-40's) due to horrible allergies. So I ended up running the rest easy.

On Monday I had the day off and got to go to kahneeta with my friend Nicole (who is amazing runner and person) and her girls. I had such a great time! You can't beat a warm day with sun, water, slurpees, floats, waterslides, Carrie underwood, adell, cheeseburgers, gummy bears, ice cream, and a little cheesecake!... What a great cross training day;).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have a 10k on the Resume...

So last Friday  at the Pacific twilight invitational I ran my first 10k on the track and broke my seed time by 12 secs. I finished with a time of 38:18. For the first 3 miles I ran with a girl that was right on my shoulder, by the 4th mile she took off and I didn't respond. I was racing by my watch and not by feel, while running I felt like I was working hard, but at the end I felt that I just had ran a hard tempo. I have not once raced where I have felt the pain that feels like Jello. If I start to feel pain, I hold back because of this fear. I also think too much of the end results and have trouble focusing on staying in the moment or taking it one lap at a time (as Rick calls it). This has been something I have been struggling with for a while. I think it really hurts my performance. I am open to any psychological help on this:).......seriously!

On the other hand.....a teamate of mind Eva Vail ran a 5k and was seeded with a 17:30 ( I think) she broke the seed time and had a pr of 17:12! she still had some to give at the end! she ran such a good race and I'm sure she will break 17 this season no doubt! she's awesome!

On Saturday, my legs felt fine I did not feel like I raced the day before, so I asked my coach Rick if I could switch my long run from Sunday and do it on Saturday, he agreed but wanted me to do an EASY 18 ( I don't listen so well somethimes:/). I went out to springwater corrider and ran my first 18 miles in 5 months! I felt so good, that I decided to mix it up and do a little easy workout. I ran the first six miles as an easy progression starting out at 8:20s and finishing in a 7:30 and then went right into a 3 mile fartlek 1 minute on and 1 minute off. When I was on about my 8th mile I saw this man riding his bike totally cursing a girl he was with, he was so vulgur and so mean to her and she looked so timid and scared. By mile marker 9 , my turn around point I ran easy for 2 miles  and I saw the those two again and I couldn't believe it he was still chewing the girl out! I was so irritated by him, I finally just asked the girl "Are you ok" and she responded with a quiet yes,  and the guy had the nerve to say (in a low tone) yeah I'm just mad! I looked at him and was thinking I wasn't talking to you a**h**e! anyways as I ran away I heard him pick it back up 200 more decimals and was back at it again... ugh! I just hope she was ok. After my easy 2 I ran 3 miles at a moderate pace which was 7:20 and below and then I ran another 2 miles at marathon pace at 6:45 to 6:55 pace and then I did a couple miles cooldown. It was an awesome run!

Having decided to run a 5k the following Friday, was the reason to switch my long run on saturday and do my speed workout out on Monday so I could have 4 days to recover before Friday. Oh man I got to the track on Monday about 4 and didn't finish until 7! It was one of the toughest speed workouts I have had in a long time, I started out by doing intervals I would run a lap starting at what I was thinking at marathon pace then cut to half marathon pace then 10k pace then 5k pace, for one lap! I was completely off because I ran the lap in 1:28 I ended up doing it a couple more times just to see if I could feel pace without my watch. After the then Rick had me do a 2 mile progression starting at easy pace but, I went out to fast and started a little faster then marathon pace and had to cut the time every lap. Followed by that I did a whistle workout which I generally love but close to the end I wanted to do a couple of things with that whistle:)! ha..  I would start out at 5k pace and if Rick blew it once I would have to go faster and if he blew it twice I ran easy, I did this for about 15 mins I supposed to do it for 20 but my legs were starting to hurt. I think I'll be ready for this Friday:)

This Friday I'm running the Linfield Twilight 5k! I seeded myself at an 18:45, I don't have any time expectations, I just want to run fast, and work on taking it one lap at a time by speeding up every to the very end. I have actually cut my miles way back this week and tapering. I should have fresh legs:). I'm hoping for a good one. fingers crossed!

Tonight I went over to my parents  and on my bed was Alberto Salazars signed book for me! What a treat from my parents!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Improvised Long Run,Vitamin D, and Pacific Twilight...

I went for a long run on Sunday, planned on doing 18 but had to cut it to 16. First, I noticed that I forgot my Garmin, and had to use a regular digital watch! Yes, a regular watch! I absoutely feel naked without my garmin! I can only relate it to non-runners as not having a cell phone. There was no pace or distance indicator, I had to basically run by feel, luckily there were mile markers (on springwater) so that made it easier. Second, the weather was extremely warm, beautiful but warm. I started about six and ended right as it was getting dark. I took a camel pack with me, which I hate carrying anything but a key with me because mentally I feel like it slows me down. I was quit annoyed with it because all I heard and focused on throughout the run was the ice banging back in forth, definitely a different distraction than I have had. I also got this huge scrape on my back from it moving as I run.:/>. But in the end I was truely glad I took it along because I finished the whole thing. I ran the first 8 miles at an easy pace and then the last 8 miles as a fartlek 2 minute  on and 1 minute off. I ran the 2 mins between 5k pace to half-marathon pace. I recovered in the 1 min at an easy pace. I fellt really good about the run and I feel like it was shorter and easier!

On Monday I had a day off from work and decided to drive 116 miles to Kahneeta to get the extra 6 degrees of warmer temperature. Ha! Very important. The night before I researched places to run down there and found very few, I thought I would do 12 and double. On my way down as it was getting warmer, I contemplated to myself that I would only do 6-8 because of my long run yesterday;). I layed out in the sun for about 5 hours and was justifying to myself why I don't need to run today at all and just enjoy the day of sun, reading, (ok looking at magazine pictures), and swimming.I like to give myself one day off a week from running, so I thought this was a good day! since us oregonians only get like 12 days of warm weather throughout the year. Haha. As I was leaving, I walked past a mirror in the ladies room and chuckled I seriously looked like a Crabmeleon!!!!!! I was super burn't with white spots where the sun must not of it me or how I must of missed parts of my body with the SPF! I never feel when I"m burning  laying out, only later at night. However, I only used an SPF of 8 on my body, where I probably should of used 30 like I did on my face, but I was that consumer who bought the bottle of SPF by the marketing, "Hawaiian Tropic shimmer effect! Its amazing you really do shimmer! I hope they make it in a stronger SPF!. Well at least I have a good base to start off the just maintaining it!:).Ha

My coach and I decideded last week that I would do a 10k race at Pacific Twilight track meet this friday. I am really excited! I feel no pressure, while using this race as a time trial to see what kind of shape I'm in now and using the data for practice times. I seeded myself at 38:30, but deep down hoping I break 38! I have to keep reminding myself that I'm just coming back from a break and have lost some speed and base and to except that, and just go out and have fun and thats what I'm going to do...Have fun!